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Creative lab for sound and visual projects

Loomelabor is a physical space at Heino Eller Music College equipped with a wide range of creative and multimedia toolsanalogue and digitalallowing for anything between entry-level doodling and professional video editing or sound recording.


In Loomelabor you are likely to meet curious and creative minds, both students and teachers.

You are welcome to play around, learn, discuss with peers, exchange experiences or run workshops.

Feel free to book your time and

  • check Loomelabor out

  • mess around with a variety of creative tools

  • create and manipulate multimedia

  • conduct lessons or workshops


Composition and notation




Electroacoustic composition and live electronics




Sound recording and editing


Video production

Tailor-made workshops for instructors and facilitators

Loomelabor–a creative lab for sound and visual projects–is nested into Heino Eller Music College. Catering for different character and scale of creative projects, the Loomelabor offers a choice between four spaces.

At the core of Loomelabor’s hardware are 12 iPad Pros, six MacBook Pros and an iMac Pro. This yields computing power for up to 19 individual users at any given time. In shared computer scenarios such as groupwork more users can be housed.


creative lab.png


Jürgen Tina

Heino Eller Music College

Lossi 15, Tartu, Estonia

Creative Lab for Sound and Visual Arts is funded by the European Social Fund
Duration of the project: 01.09.2018 - 31.12.2022
Grant amount: € 198,224
Project partners: Heino Eller Music College, Tartu Jaan Poska Gymnasium, Tartu Karlova School and Tartu Catholic Education Center.
The creative lab hard- and software were acquired with the grant. The ongoing project funded activities till the end of 2022 are training of partner schools' teachers and coordinating collaborative use of innovative learning assets and solutions.


The purchase of creative tools at ‘Heli- ja visuaalkunsti loomelabor’ has been financed by the European Social Fund. These tools are pooled by project partner schools: Heino Eller Music College, Tartu Jaan Poska Gymnasium, Tartu Karlova School and Tartu Catholic Education Centre.

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