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Documents, legislation, instructions concerning the school and its employees


Public document register PINAL (from 01.01.2023)

Public document register EKIS (until 31.12.2022)

Heino Eller Music College statute 

Development plan of the Heino Eller Music College 2022-2025 (PDF)

Rules of work organization (PDF)

Privacy Policy (PDF)

Procedure for using video surveillance devices (PDF)

Procedure for using the premises (PDF)

Public procurement plan 2024 (PDF)

The procedure for organizing state procurement at the Heino Eller Music College (PDF)

Occupational health and safety guide

Safety and user manual

Action plan in case of fire

Processing of personal data

Rules of Procedure (PDF)

Good practices at Heino Eller Music College

Documents and forms concerning study organization

Study organization regulations (PDF)

The procedure for studying in the youth department (PDF)


Basics of ensuring the quality of continuing education

Procedure for conducting continuing education

​E-practice folder filling instructions to the student

Instructions for filling out the e-practice folder in the curriculum of the 5th level instrument or singing instructor

Instructions for filling out the e-practice folder in the 5th level choir director's curriculum

Guide to reviewing the e-practice folder to the teacher

Student's statement to the director (PDF) (Word)

Application for driving compensation (PDF) (Word)

Driving compensation report (PDF) (Word)

Statement: master classes and guest lecturers at the Heino Eller Music College 

Statement: competitions and festivals

Request to use a room/exercise class (Word)

Meals for students (PDF)

The procedure for reimbursement of students' travel expenses (PDF)

Conditions and procedure for applying for, assigning and paying study grants (PDF)

The procedure for reimbursement of student accommodation costs (PDF)

The application for lodging allowance is submitted by the student in the study information system TAHVEL

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