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Eller Big Band

The Eller Big Band (EBB) is the largest ensemble/orchestra in the Department of Pop-Jazz Music. Students from the Department of Pop-Jazz Music primarily participate in the big band, but we collaborate with all the departments in the school.


The main objective of the orchestra is to expose students to different styles of music through big band performances and foster an enjoyment of the musical experience. 


The primary performances include the traditional tribute concerts of the Department of Pop-Jazz Music, held in autumn and early spring, as well as winter and spring assessments. The big band has repeatedly participated in the ‘Happy Big Band Weekend’ and ‘Mürtsub Pill’ festivals and given concerts together with the big band of Georg Ots Tallinn Music College.


The orchestra’s repertoire encompasses the finest classics of pop, rock and jazz music, from ABBA to Miles Davis.


The conductor of the Eller Big Band is teacher Tanel Aavakivi.

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