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Eller Chamber and Concert Choir

The upper secondary level of Heino Eller Tartu Music College includes a chamber choir and concert choir.

Students specialising in choral conducting sing in the chamber choir. The aim of the chamber choir is to provide young conductors with practical experience in choral work. The choir gives around three to four public concerts per year, which are conducted by third- or fourth-year choral conducting students. The choir also participates in the state examinations of the Department of Choral Conducting.

In recent years, due to engaging and challenging performances, students specialising in singing and teachers have also been actively involved alongside conductors. This is how the mixed choir, named Eller Concert Choir, came together.


The Eller Concert Choir was established under the leadership of Lauri Breede in September 2002. The purpose of the choir is to offer choral conducting and singing students at Heino Eller Tartu Music College opportunities to sing under the guidance of renowned conductors.


Traditionally, the choir takes part in the annual Christmas Music Festival, giving either an a cappella concert or performing together with the Eller Sinfonietta. 


Since the autumn of 2012, the concert choir has operated as a project choir, welcoming not only students but also teachers, alumni and citizens with musical education to participate. 

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