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Organisation of studies

At Heino Eller Tartu Music College, students have the opportunity to pursue studies in vocational education, vocational secondary education and continuing training after basic or secondary education. Find out more about learning opportunities HERE. Additionally, students can enrol in the preparatory course and the Youth Department. More information about specialities can be found HERE.

For successful learning, students must be familiar with and adhere to the rules governing the organisation of studies. The most important document for students is the document outlining the rules for organisation of studies, which governs activities related to the organisation of studies, aiming to ensure the smooth, purposeful and lawful functioning of studies. This document is supplemented and complemented by other academic documents.

Find out more about the rules for organisation of studies HERE. Other documents and rules concerning the organisation of studies are available HERE.

Studies are based on curricula, the fulfilment of which students must monitor.

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