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Learning opportunities for students with special educational needs

In the admission process, we always try to take into consideration the specific characteristics of candidates. Students with special educational needs have always been taught at Heino Eller Tartu Music College. To make informed choices, we recommend familiarising yourself with the occupational qualification standards of an instrumentalist or musician, upon which our curricula are based.


The freedom and responsibility of students in managing their studies plays an important part at Heino Eller Tartu Music College. We organise additional Estonian lessons for foreign students.


In the case of a student with special educational needs, the achievement of learning outcomes is assessed through a vocational examination, which can be substituted by a professional examination. Working with special students, our teachers have continuously enhanced their knowledge and skills in facilitating the education of students with special educational needs and providing them with the necessary support year after year. The school has a student counsellor and a psychologist who also provide support to students.

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