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Eller Sinfonietta

The Eller Sinfonietta is the orchestra of Heino Eller Tartu Music College, comprising both students and teachers. 

The aim of the sinfonietta is to provide young musicians with the experience of playing in an orchestra and performing solos in front of the orchestra. From 2000 to 2022, the conductor of the orchestra was Lilyan Kaiv. As of the autumn of 2022, the orchestra is conducted by Andres Kaljuste.

In recent years, the orchestra’s schedule has become more packed, with 4 to 5 programmes being prepared each year. The programmes have captivated both performers and listeners, and the concerts have maintained a high standard. The orchestra frequently performs in its hometown Tartu, but has also held concerts in Tallinn, smaller Estonian cities and even abroad in Finland, Germany, Sweden and France. 


The orchestra has also collaborated with guest conductors: Andres Mustonen, Toomas Siitan, Endel Nõgene, Paul Mägi and Mihhail Gerts. The Eller Sinfonietta has played a central role in the school’s Autumn and Christmas Music and Musicians of the Future festivals.

In recent years, they have also collaborated with the Eller children’s and girls’ choir as well as the concert choir. 


In the spring of 2023, preparations are underway for the Musicians of the Future concert scheduled to take place on 6 April in Vanemuine Concert Hall. The soloists are the winners of the Musicians of the Future competition and the conductor is Mikk Murdvee.


In the summer, the Eller Sinfonietta participated in the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration ‘Holy is the Land’.


Past events

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