Kari Paavola workshop ettevõtlusest 13. oktoober 2017 kell 11.30 Heino Elleri muusikakooli Elleri saal

The Workshop is based on seven key elements that each musician needs to consider and have the skills for. These elements are explained in detail with practical help on the topics. We will not talk about learning once's instrument as it is a given... :)
We will however discuss the opportunities that are presented to someone who is "jack of all trades" versus "a specialist" and how to develop one's sound to meet the demands of today's musical landscape.
The workshop is very interactive, with Q&A's and other exercises we do together. One of the most favourite part has been "The Dream"
This is an exercise, where all the participants write down their musical/career dream and I will show them simple tools on how to go about it, and realistically chase and achieve those dreams. The seven subjects we cover:
1. Communications and Networking
2. Finances
3. Ownership/intellectual property
4. Artistic personality - Personality in your playing
5. Setting goals / Dreams
6. The Importance of Planning.
7. Calculated risks: How to take "risks" in an informed manner.

Kari Paavola endast:

I have lived in four different cities and cultures ( London, Helsinki, Wien and Budapest ) and found work in all the above mentioned "scenes" following the seven key ideas covered in my workshop.
- Professional musician and musical director since 1998
- 12 years as a professional musician, educator and drummer in London 1998-2010
- 6 years as a teacher here: https://lccm.org.uk (200 2-2008)
- Musical Director for Womack and Womack 2009-2011 and drummer for them 2005-2011
- World wide touring and performing experience (USA, Europe, Turkey, The Nordics and the UK...)
- Club Promoter in Finland. see press in Finnish: http://www.karipaavol a.com/images/press/006.pdf
- Concert booker/organizer and Musical Director for Vanessa Haynes and The Filthy Six in the Nordics, Baltics and CEE

more info here:

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