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Computer network and printers

If you have issues with computer network user IDs or printers, please feel free to contact:

  • Jürgen Tina (room A315/316, phone +372 7442 406, +372 5646 0475)

  • Renee Trei (room A315/316, phone +372 7442 406, +372 5830 9125)​


Printing at Heino Eller Tartu Music College is organised through Print in City – the school sends a €5 gift code to every student during the month of September, which the students can add to their account. The gift code is valid until the end of the academic year, with new codes being sent the next autumn. You can also add money to your printing account yourself.

To create a Print in City account, go to click ‘Sign up’. Select one of the following options from the opened window:

Please do not sign up using your personal Google or Facebook account as the account created will not be linked to the Heino Eller Tartu Music College, leading to duplicate accounts and printing issues. If you cannot log in using your ID-card, Mobile-ID or HarID account, sign up with your email address.

When logging in to Print in City later, make sure you also use your Mobile-ID, HarID, ID-card or email. Otherwise, it can happen that you add money to the account linked to your personal email, but when you start printing, neither the money nor the file you wish to print are available.

Specific instructions for printing can be found, for example, by the printer on the third floor, but in general, the process is as follows:

1. Log in on the Print in City website, add money to your account and upload a PDF file. Alternatively, you can send an email with the file attached from your email to This email is the printing server address and the files sent to it do not have to be in PDF format, making this method often faster and more convenient.

2. Insert your ID-card into the printer on the 1st or 3rd floor.

3. The file you sent should be visible immediately – if not, please wait and press the ‘Refresh’ button. The file should appear within a few minutes after sending.

4. Click on the file name to select it. At the bottom, choose ‘Print+Keep’ or ‘Print+Delete’. Choosing the first option retains the file for 24 hours, allowing you to reprint it, if needed.

5. Remove your ID-card from the printer (you can also use other cards for printing, eg a student card; however, those interested in this option should contact us for instructions on how to link the card to their account).

If you are printing for the first time, please be patient and set aside enough time, avoid leaving it to the last minute before your class.

If you have any printing problems, please contact us at


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